Entertainment and Media

Our firm has a long-established practice in the Entertainment Industry. We advise and assist our clients in regulatory compliances, negotiations, advice and litigation issues in the entertainment industry.


Advertising and Promotions

Advising clients in relation to the local regulations and compliance on advertising and promotion issues, including obtaining authorizations before local authorities and complying with formalities. Advising on compliance with consumer rights as regard advertisements and promotions. Assisting in negotiations and drafting of advertisement, marketing, promotions and sponsorship agreements.

Sports Law

We assist in relation to legal, commercial and regulatory issues in the sports industry, with a particular expertise in the soccer (football) discipline. Negotiating and drafting sponsorship and supplier agreements as well as personal and professional contracts with clubs and players.

Digital and Social Media

Advice in relation to the use of digital and social media, including assessment and drafting of company policies in relation social media.

Telecom and Broadcasting

Advising on regulatory compliance, license grants and conditions, as well as in relation to consumer protection issues related to telecom and broadcasting.

Satellite Piracy

Discovery process of unauthorized broadcastings. Assisting and representing clients in infringement actions against unauthorized broadcasting signals and copyright infringement. Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements.