Case Highlight: First Multimedia Trademark Application Filed in Dominican Republic

Exciting News Alert! We are thrilled to announce that our firm has achieved a groundbreaking milestone by successfully filing the FIRST multimedia trademark application in the Dominican Republic!

The journey has not been an easy one. The local PTO initially insisted on a traditional paper format filling, posing a hurdle for non-traditional elements of our multimedia mark. Our legal team engaged in persuasive discussions with authorities, showcasing the importance of a proper filling format to guarantee a proper protection, along with global examples in support of our request. After persistent efforts, we successfully secured approval for an electronic application format that accommodates non-traditional elements, ensuring proper protection for our multimedia mark as a cohesive whole.

Further advocacy efforts with the authorities are being made to help the local PTO develop a certificate of registration featuring the multimedia video or at least a link to the same, as done in other jurisdictions.

This achievement not only represents a milestone for our firm but also sets a precedent for future non-traditional trademark filings in our country.

We are proud to be pioneers in pushing boundaries and grateful for the support of our team and the local authorities. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey with us!

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