We are a legal service law firm offering specialized and personalized legal services in the Dominican Republic and, through a network of Associates, intellectual property services throughout the Caribbean.


What can you expect from us?

International Perspective
With Local Expertise

We are fluent in English and have international work experience and education. Our international perspective means that we understand the expectations and pressures of global business and we deliver services that meet the highest standard. We combine this unique perspective with over 60 years of local experience, expertise and reputation.

Fresh, Innovative

Firmly rooted by local experience and reputation, MINIÑO prides itself on its fresh and innovative approach to the practice of law in the Dominican Republic. We are constantly evolving as a firm and expanding our practice into new areas as they arise in the Dominican Republic and become important for our clients.

We are part of
Your Team

At MINIÑO, we consider ourselves to be a partner to our clients and it shows. We take advantage of the range of expertise and experience among our professionals to ensure that the client always has the right team for the job. We work together strategically and collaboratively to find the most cost effective and efficient solutions and to provide the best results for our clients; just as we would for any member of our team.


At MINIÑO we handle significant cross boarder work for a great number of multinational companies with a particular interest in the Caribbean Region. 

Our professional team is very knowledgeable of applicable laws and practices at a regional level and has vast experience with handling complex cross boarder matters. 

The international approach to our business, has given us the privilege through the years to build a Global Network that supports our practice, having access to the best local professionals for each of our clients’ specific needs in every jurisdiction.

Innovation and

Efficiency and process improvement are core values of our practice. Our innovation driven culture moves us to constantly find better and more efficient ways to fulfill our clients’ needs and to advance in the use of technology. 
With technology assisted tools and workflows in support to our professional team, we add value to our deliverables and making us more responsive and precise in the fast pace environment where most of our clients do business in.  
We have also created a culture of data-driven tools to help us better understand our business and our clients’ needs.

People, Flexibility
and Adaptability

Our diverse team gives us the ability to leverage the full breadth and depth of our collective expertise, which goes beyond the practice of law, to meet the specific needs of each client. With a focus on innovation and knowledge-sharing, we aim to deliver exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations and to always adapt to client’s specific needs.

Our pledge

Commited to impact

We are committed to growing our business in a way that has a positive impact on our community. We believe that we have a responsibility to use our resources and expertise to make a difference, whether it is through supporting local causes, promoting sustainable practices, or contributing to the development of our community. By taking a holistic approach to growth, we can ensure that our success is not only measured in financial terms but also in the positive impact that we create. When you partner with us, you can trust that you are not just getting a business solution – you are also joining forces with a company that is dedicated to making a difference.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are dedicated to cultivating a culture that celebrates and promotes diversity and inclusion.

Diversity encompasses a range of factors, including individual backgrounds, qualifications, experiences, as well as diverse approaches and viewpoints. We believe that inclusion is just as important as diversity.

To us, it means creating a work environment where every member of our team feels respected, valued, and empowered to contribute with their unique perspectives. By doing so, we can leverage our differences to challenge conventional thinking and better understand and meet our clients’ needs.

We believe that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success, and we are committed to fostering a culture that embraces them both.

Corporate Social Responsability

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is focused on giving back to our community and society. It includes three committees: Environmental & Education, Vulnerable Groups & Animal Protection, and Charity & Probono Work.

These committees work actively to promote sustainability, support vulnerable groups, and provide legal services to underserved communities.

We take pride in our commitment to giving back, and we are always exploring new ways to contribute to our community. Knowing that our efforts make a difference is a source of happiness and motivation for us.


We pride ourselves in being ranked as one of the top firms in the Caribbean.

Our brand


At MINIÑO, we are very proud of our heritage and history and the legacy that the Miniño name represents. Although we also pride ourselves on our innovation, youth and international perspective, we believe our strength equally comes from our past. 


Our latin american identity

The “Ñ” represents for us our identity; what makes us unique and what makes us proud.

We understand that the “Ñ” can be difficult to pronounce for non-Spanish speakers. As such, we considered dropping the “Ñ” and replacing it with an “N”. However we decided that instead of hiding the “Ñ”, the best action was to highlight it, make it modern and provide information about its pronunciation, cultural importance and beauty!

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Telephone: 809-566-7414

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