About us

MINIÑO is a legal service law firm offering specialized and personalized legal services in the Dominican Republic and, through a network of Associates, intellectual property services throughout the Caribbean.

International Perspective
Meets Local Expertise

We are fluent in English and have international work experience and education. Our international perspective means that we understand the expectations and pressures of global business and we deliver services that meet the highest standard. We combine this unique perspective with over 60 years of local experience, expertise and reputation.

We understand you and we understand the local market.

Fresh, Innovative

Firmly rooted by local experience and reputation, MINIÑO prides itself on its fresh and innovative approach to the practice of law in the Dominican Republic. We are constantly evolving as a firm and expanding our practice into new areas as they arise in the Dominican Republic and become important for our clients.

We think outside the box in order to get the job done.

We are part of
Your Team

At MINIÑO, we consider ourselves to be a partner to our clients and it shows. We take advantage of the range of expertise and experience among our professionals to ensure that the client always has the right team for the job. We work together strategically and collaboratively to find the most cost effective and efficient solutions and to provide the best results for our clients; just as we would for any member of our team.

Why Miniño?

Forward-looking approach to successfully guide your aspirations into an ever-changing future

Focused on solutions to guarantee your success

Commercial thinkers, understanding your world, your needs and your criteria for success

Our Brand

At MINIÑO, we are very proud of our heritage and history and the legacy that the Miniño name represents. Although we also pride ourselves on our innovation, youth and international perspective, we believe our strength equally comes from our past. That is why, when it came time to find a brand for the current incarnation of our firm, we knew we had to keep the Miniño name front and center.

Minino or Miniño?

We understand that the “Ñ” can be difficult to pronounce for non-Spanish speakers. As such, we considered dropping the “Ñ” and replacing it with an “N”. However, in the end, we couldn’t do it. The “Ñ” represents for us our identity; what makes us unique and what makes us proud. So after much consultation with branding experts, business development experts and amongst ourselves, we decided that instead of hiding the “Ñ”, the only answer was to highlight it, make it modern and provide information about its pronunciation, cultural importance and beauty!

We want you to confidently ask for us by name.